A Reminder to Keep Dreaming and Letting Go

I recently clicked on a Facebook post to watch a YouTube video of a woman named Sarah Horn singing a duet of “For Good” onstage at the Hollywood Bowl with Kristin Chenoweth who originated the role of Glinda in Wicked on Broadway. Apparently Chenoweth picked Horn as a random fan to come up and perform with her as she does at many of her live performances. It could have been one of those awful TV bloopers where the voices feel like fingernails on a chalkboard. Chenoweth, also a great comedic actress, could have saved the day with funny remarks. Instead, as I watched the scene unfold, I found myself touched beyond words, not just because the two were great together, even on key in harmony, but because Sarah was obviously realizing a great dream simply by being in the right place at the right time. Who needs American Idol or America’s Got Talent when America can discover you singing on the stage at the Hollywood Bowl? Lucky for the world, the duet was captured on iPhone by Horn’s friend and posted to YouTube the next morning. Sarah is not an 18 year-old wearing a size 2 and probably doesn’t twerk much. She’s 26, voluptuous, poised, with a very real smile. I watched that video five times in one sitting taking in her delight and letting it settle into my spirit to make my day better than it might have been. Sarah’s dream performance caught fire via YouTube and the original video has been seen nearly 3 million times. Sarah posted a first-person account of her experience, too.

All of it served to help me understand that dreams can come true in the most spontaneous, unplanned ways if we let them. We just need to keep them in our minds, let go of control and let our internal auto pilot guide us to realization. Do we ever get too old to have a dream, big or small? I pondered that question last week too. I am 61 and I dream of visiting Australia, meeting Ellen Degeneres and Oprah, and writing a bestseller. My husband is 63 and he dreams of going to the Daytona 500, restoring another old car and living part of the year in Colorado. Obviously we still have dreams, none of which seem to involve twerkin

Source : Shannon Ingram at  BoomerReviews.com

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