I was born in Riverside, California in 1987. I’m told I could carry a tune before I could talk. The story is I was spotted at age 3 by a Preschool Director , standing at the top of the slide singing “The Hallelujah Chorus.” She was impressed and called my Mom into her office to specifically tell her that she had notified the Music Director from our very large church to keep an eye on me for the future! By age 8, I was on stage as a soloist at that church. Coincidentally, I started voice lessons at age 8 to protect my vocal cords from nodules. This was at the recommendation of a speech therapist who didn’t even know I could sing!

I’m so thankful for my childhood voice teacher, who knew how to protect the voice of a child from belting. She was classically trained so I started learning classical repertoire. By Junior High School being anxious to sing Broadway music, I studied and performed that genre for about 8 more years 🙂 My undergrad work at Belmont University was in Commercial Voice, which was everything BUT Broadway and Classical! Then onto post grad studies at California Baptist University where I refocused my singing on classical techniques and blossomed into my adult voice. I have a large vocal range and feel confident singing any style that is thrown my way. . .well, maybe not hard rock.

When I think of theatre, “family“ comes to my mind. I would love to sing on Broadway because I love telling a story with music and having the ability to memorize quickly makes singing much easier.

Singing with an orchestra is another love of mine. This stems from the classical training I received. The blending of all those instruments played well. . .nothing compares! So any combination of good musicians with a stage, sounds good to me! I hope to be able to sing again with the LA Philharmonic, either at the Hollywood Bowl or Walt Disney Concert Hall; it would be an indescribable privilege! But if New York calls, I’m ready!

Even though I haven’t been out of college very long myself, I have been teaching voice lessons to college students for 3 semesters. At a children’s theatre in Riverside, I have been musical directing for 4 years. Before that I was a Publicist Assistant for a PR firm in Nashville during my undergrad years. Feeling encouraged by 3.6+ million fans on the Chenoweth/Hollywood Bowl YouTube was all the push I needed to realize the need to go for my dream! I hope to teach more, but I want to bring to my teaching some amazing life experiences from the Larger Stage! I never really dreamed so BIG before, but I am now!!!