Fan’s Jaw-Dropping Duet With Kristin Chenoweth

A surprised fan rocked and shocked Kristin Chenoweth during a jaw-dropping performance of “For Good” at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles Friday night. Sarah Horn, accompanied by her family and a friend, said she was enjoying the show when Kristin Chenoweth starting talking with the audience. She spotted Sarah and asked her if she knew the song “For Good”
from the musical “Wicked.” Horn answered yes, and confessed she teaches voice lessons.
A surprised Sarah was then brought onstage where she matched Chenoweth note for note with such precision that you can hear Chenoweth say, “Holy crap!” on the video. Don’t believe us? Watch for yourselves. And then read Horn describes in her own words with the feeling of being up onstage in front of thousands.

Source: Queen Latifah

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