Kristen Chenoweth dazzles at solo Bowl debut

Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth may be small, standing just 4foot10, but she gave a mighty performance during her solo concert debut at the Hollywood Bowl Friday night. The first of a two show engagement with the preeminent Los Angeles Philharmonic had a little bit of everything: opera, musical theater, standup comedy and fireworks.

“I can’t believe this is my solo concert at the Hollywood Bowl,” she said Friday. “It’s a dream come true, really.”

She proceeded to perform “Popular,” singing the lyrics in English, German and Japanese. She mixed up her version of  Wicked favorite, “For Good,” when she interviewed a series of audience members, all vying for a chance to sing Elphaba’s part on stage. Chenoweth ultimately chose Sarah, 26, a music teacher at California Baptist University in Riverside, who was supposed to be sitting at the top of the Bowl but found herself upgraded. “I’m on stage with Kristin Chenoweth!” she said in shock. What could have been a complete train wreck was instead pleasantly surprising. The duo’s flawless vocals had the audience on their feet roaring and cheering. Sarah, who sang all the correct harmony parts, prompted Chenoweth to call out “sing it, sing it!”
“Note to self: don’t let anyone better than you sing the part,” Chenoweth joked after the performance.
“Honestly, though, that voice is teaching our young people. Sarah, I hope one of your friends got that on video … that was so inspiring.”

Source:  Heather Youmans, OC Register


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