Kristin Chenoweth singing ‘Wicked’ song with music teacher Sarah Horn goes viral (Video)

Sarah Horn’s life has completely changed over the past few days. On Friday, she stunned the crowd at the Hollywood Bowl when Kristin Chenoweth invited her onstage, completely unaware of her skill as a singer . A video of the moment has gone viral and a steady stream of interviews have followed. Horn was invited onstage to sing “For Good,” a song from the Broadway musical Wicked, with Chenoweth. The video has now been viewed over 2 million times and counting.

The music teacher recounted the entire sequence of events in a blog post for She recalled how excited she was leading up to the show and how she decided to go against her instincts and raise her voice to get Chenoweth’s attention. “I could see the electricity from the crowd,” she told NBC LA. “It was years of preparation and a moment of dumb luck.” She has been performing since she was eight and is currently a lecturer at Baptist University in Riverside. When she took her turn in the song, even Chenoweth was visibly shocked. “Holy crap! Harmony!” Chenoweth said while Horn sang.

According to the LA Times, Horn has made several media appearances since, appearing on most LA news outlets and on Inside Edition. “I don’t want to rush into anything. I want to make wise decisions, not impulsive decisions,” she said in an interview with the Times’ Culture Monster. “I want to ease in and find the right people.”

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