Kristin Chenoweth’s DriveBy Duet Partner, Sarah Horn, in her own words

Some hometown pride. On Friday, at The Hollywood Bowl, Kristin Chenoweth brought up an audience member to sing
“For Good” from “Wicked” It was Riverside based vocal professor Sarah Horn, who teaches at Cal Baptist College and
sides as music director for Riverside Youth Theater. She writes about it at Broadway World
It wasn’t a plant. Toward the end of the second half of the performance, Kristin wanders on to the pasarel. She held a mic up to a lady in front. of me and asked if she knew the song “For Good.” Nope. I took the chance, as I was directly behind Kristin, to stand up and wave and say, “I know the song!” This is not like me to jump up and wave my arms like a crazy
person and raise my voice at a celebrity. As soon as she turned to look at me, I say right back down… and calmly said, “Hiiiii.” One of Kristin’s backup singers held a mic up to my face so I could answer some questions:
“What’s you’re name?” ”
“Who’s your favorite broadway star?” I sarcastically hummm as if it’s a difficult question to answer.
I heard the roar of the crowd during that first line but then it all faded away. I think I’ve seen it done cinematically
before but I never imagined my perception of a performance would appear like this. The 10,000+ people of the Bowl
faded away. There was no one else there. No noise. No people. I could heard the beautiful music of the orchestra but
there was no one onstage, just Kristin and I. I reached my hand out as I sang the word “friend” and she stepped
forward and took it. There was such joy, elation, a spontaneous musical spark that we shared in that moment. It was
unlike anything I have ever experienced. As we dueted in harmony at the end of the verse, Kristin throws her head back and says, “Holy crap. Harmony.” and we continue the song, soaring in our independent melodies. It was then that I was once again aware of the crowd.
The video shows the audience and Chenoweth were just as wowed. At the end of the video, Sarah shows she also knows
how to take a bow.

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