RIVERSIDE: Teacher’s duet heard ’round the world

Riverside native Sarah Horn has performed on dozens of stages, but on Friday, Aug. 23, she sang on one of the most famous — the Hollywood Bowl. After volunteering from the audience for that unexpected, impromptu duet with
Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, the world has become her stage. By Monday afternoon, the video of the vocal instructor performing “For Good” from “Wicked” — posted by pal

Mike Kestler, who filmed her performance on his cell phone — had racked up 1.7 million views on YouTube and Horn was barraged by interview requests.
“I had been saying, ‘This isn’t happening; this isn’t real,’ ” Horn, 26, said during a Monday interview.
Friday’s performance sparked a standing ovation. On Sunday, Horn started fielding congratulatory calls – from people she didn’t know. Her Facebook inbox was filled with messages from around the world. On Monday, “Inside Edition” sent a car for Horn and Kestler for a TV taping. And the congratulatory chorus isn’t over yet.
“I started to realize it was going to be big when immediately after the show people started mobbing Sarah,” Kestler said.
Horn has a magnetic smile, but described herself as an introvert when not on stage. The 2005 Riverside Poly grad said God brought her back to town when, after earning a degree in commercial music at Nashville’s Belmont University, she enrolled at California Baptist University. She graduated in May 2012 with a master’s degrees in vocal performance and conducting. She was hired as an adjunct voice teacher at Cal Baptist in the fall of 2012. She currently has 24 students and is also the conductor of the Chamber Singers.

Source: Vanessa Franko-Press Enterprise

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