Singing Teacher Sarah Horn Surprises Kristen Chenoweth On Stage

Earlier this month, Broadway star and sometime” Glee” actress Kristen Chenoweth performed a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles. Like she does every concert, Kristen’s assistant pulled an audience member out of the crowd and invited her to sing a duet with the Tony winner. But Chenoweth got way more than she bargained for with Sarah Horn.

It turns out, Horn is a voice teacher at the California Baptist University and Riverside Youth Theatre. So when Chenoweth invited her to sing “For Good” from the musical Wicked, Horn was prepared. Horn shocked the audience and Chenoweth with her powerful vocals and the pair even harmonized on the chorus. She was so good, some even questioned whether or not she’d been planted by the show’s producers. “Paul Geller, Production Director at both the Hollywood Bowl and the Walt Disney Concert Hall pulled me aside afterward,” said Horn. “He said that the production staff is very picky about the quality of performers that they allow on their stage and that what was produced in that song was better than anything they could have planned. He took down my contact information because at some point during the last three songs, he got a phone call from the LA Times wanting to know if I was an audience plant and asked my permission to pass on my contact information for them to speak to me directly, if needed.”
But Horn swears she wasn’t a plant. Just a huge Chenoweth fan. Here’s proof: “On the walk to our car, my father reminded me that he had prayed 11 years ago that I would one day sing with Kristen Chenoweth” she told Broadway World. “I smiled an even larger smile, grasped his arm, and asked him to keep praying impossible prayers because they just might
come true.” [Broadway World]

Source: TLC:New Now

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