Thanks to Kristin Chenoweth Sarah Horn Has Become a Star

Riverside, California vocal teacher and singer Sarah Horn, was randomly picked from the audience at the Hollywood Bowl last Friday. She was living her dream to sing with Kristin Chenoweth in a show that she was a fan of. The song from Wicked†¨†“For Good” went viral reaching more than 2 million YouTube hits.

Horn sang like a Broadway star and held the audience in her grasp. Her pure high notes and seamless belt took Chenoweth, by a delighted surprise. When she broke into the required duet portion, Chenoweth spoke the words: “Holy crap! Harmony!

Horn has now appeared on “Inside Edition,” NBC online, KPCC Radio, L.A.’s local TV news outlets and had an interview with Musical Theatre Magazine. She was even featured on She aspires to sing on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and at the Pantages Theatre, because of the acoustics.

On Friday she returns back to the Hollywood Bowl to see John Williams. Maybe another youtube is forthcoming!

I will keep you posted on all things LA and Hollywood.

Source : T2C Online

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