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I haven’t given an update in quite a while so here’s the latest!

I haven’t done much in the real of performing since my time at the Hollywood Bowl. School started up right after that and, as many of you know, I’m an adjunct voice professor at the California Baptist University School of Music in Riverside, California. I noticed that when I devoted time to performing, my teaching suffered and when I devoted time to teaching, my performing suffered. I made the decision to put my students first. I knew my students deserved the best of me so I made a conscious choice to stay out of the performing limelight for their sake. This coming semester, I’m taking a break from teaching so I can try to perform more. I’ll miss my students but I’m confident that I’ll be leaving them in good hands.

With that said, I’ve got a few exciting things coming up, only one of which I can announce.

On May 10, I’ll be performing with the Golden State Pops Orchestra in Los Angeles in a concert edition of Sweeney Todd as Mrs. Lovett! Here’s a link to the interview video that was recorded recently.


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